Lipstick Packs

Lipstick Packs

Warm Rich Lipstick Pack

"Beautifully packaged in a little egg carton type box. Handwritten note. Tick. The lipsticks are awesome. Love the wind up brushes. And a little bag to put them in. Tick. Love the shimmer pot too." - Angela

Collection: Lipstick Packs

Not sure what colour to buy?

Lipstick pack take the guess work out of it for you!

Each lipstick pack contains 4 lipstick colours and one shimmer lip gloss in little 4.5g tins, a lip brush and a cute linen bag to hold your lipstick tins in for a quick find in your handbag. 

The Shimmer Gloss Pack contains all 5 shimmer glosses. 

The perfect gift for the lipstick lovers in your life!!