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This pack is perfect for a warm colour pallet. All the lipsticks have very deep rich base tones.

The lipsticks and gloss come in little 4.5g tins with a lip brush and a lipstick bag for easy carrying.

Brick Red - A rich bold red, contains Lemon and peppermint essential oils and contains carmine. 
Flourish - Lemon myrtle and blood orange essential oils and contains carmine.
Enchant - Blood orange & cocoa absolute essential oils and contains carmine.
Cordovan - Mandarin & Geranium essential oils and contains carmine.
Gold Shimmer - adds a gold shimmer to your lips or cheek bones or collar bones as a highlighter. Lovely to wear on your lips on its own, or can be applied on top of your lipstick. It will change the colour of your lipstick, make your reds more of an orange tone, and will warm up any pinks. Contains frankincense and lavender essential oil. 


      Lipsticks: organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax, organic shea butter, organic baobab oil, organic beeswax (in lipstick tubes only, not tins), organic sacha inchi oil, oxides +/-, mica, titanium dioxide, essential oils (see description for essential oil in each lipstick), vitamin E.

      Gold Shimmer Ingredients: organic castor oil, mica, organic shea butter, candelillia wax, organic carnauba wax, organic kokum butter, frankincense and copaiba essential oils vitamin E.

      Essential Oils

      Brick Red: Lemon and peppermint
      Flourish: Lemon myrtle and blood orange
      Enchant: Blood orange & cocoa absolute
      Cordovan: Mandarin & Geranium
      Gold Shimmer: frankincense & Copaiba


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