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Worthy Essential Oil Blend

Worthy Essential Oil Blend

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Do you feel sometimes that you are not enough? That you are not worthy of an amazing magical life? That no matter what you do or say things won't get any better?

Pssst here is a secret..... your mind lies to you, ALL THE TIME!!!

You are ALWAYS worthy. Born worthy, and will be till the day you die.

It's just that you're listening to a voice that constantly lies to you. It's trying to keep you safe and secure in a little box that it can control. The problem is that you know you are more than the little box. That there is a magical, joyous world that you are born to be a part of, but you can't seem to work out how to get past the walls of the box (the mind). 

This blend is created to elevate you out of the box of your mind. To infuse your life with the magic of possibility. To put you in a heart based state of being. 

  • Apply when you are feeling over whelmed.
  • When you need a confidence boost.
  • You're feeling scared or nervous about your future.
  • When you are attempting something new.
  • Or just because ... (this is my favourite reason)

Apply to pulse points, back of neck, over heart of on soles of feet. 

  • Vegan


    Organic fractionated coconut oil, black spruce, clove, spearmint, copaiba, blue cypress, lemon scented gum and peru balsam essential oils.  

    Essential Oils

    Black spruce, clove, spearmint, copaiba, blue cypress, lemon scented gum and peru balsam. 


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