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Pillow Spray

Pillow Spray

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Spritz your pillow (and yourself) at night and create a beautiful space that lulls you into relaxation and helps to quieten the mind. 

Quietude is perfect for calming your mind and winding your energy down.
Perfect before sleep or if you are feeling stressed or anxious. 

Spritz as often as needed throughout the day to keep you calm, and centered.

How to Apply: spray on your pillow and yourself before bed or throughout the day as needed.  

  • Vegan


    Perfumers ethanol, lavender essential oil, mandarin essential oil, black spruce essential oil, cedarwood atlas essential oil, rose geranium essential oil and basil essential oil. 

    Essential Oils

    Lavender, mandarin, black spruce, cedarwood atlas, rose geranium and basil.


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