✨Let's talk Shimmer✨

✨Let's talk Shimmer✨

This stuff is magic for those who love bling in their life and is popular from little girls to mature women (my mum who is 83 still wears it!!!)

brunette on brown background wearing gold shimmer and brick red lipstickMade from ground minerals (ethically sourced mica) these shimmers allow you to highlight any area you desire. They can be used on lips, eyes, cheeks, noses, shoulders or my personal favourite on your chest when you have lower cut dress 😉

What's wonderful about the shimmers is that they are in a clear base and this is perfect for mature skin as it gives you shimmer without bringing attention to your wrinkles. 

You can apply them thickly for a real focused look or a light thin layer to give an overall glow. 

Please note, because it is in a gloss base when applied directly to the eyelids it can move into the creases, so you may want to apply it to the inner and outer edges of your eyes, and because they contain essential oil do a patch test first to see if you eyes are ok them them :) 

They are available in 5 different colours. and ranked according to shimmer impact:

Ppink shimmer swatch on white backgroundink Shimmer  - this is the least shimmery (most subtle).
It is most noticeable on the lips. On other areas of you skin it gives you a pink glow.
Works best for a cool colour skin pallet, and is very popular with those who want a very subtle glow and young girls.  
When applied on top of a lipstick colour it will brighten the pink tones to the lipstick. Contains Frankincense and Mandarin essential oils. 

rose gold shimmer swatch on white backgroundRose Gold Shimmer - (Pink & Gold) is our most popular colour.
It gives your skin a shimmer effect without it being a full on statement colour. 
Works on all colour pallets, and for all ages.
When applied to a lipstick colour it will warm that colour up. 
Contains Rose Geranium and frankincense essential oils. 

white gold shimmer swatch on white backgroundWhite Gold Shimmer (Gold & Silver) 
Is perfect for the midrange and warm colour pallet. The Gold and silver combination has more pop to it than the rose gold. Looks great on Asian, and south Asian skin tones. 
Contains Lemon Myrtle and bergamot essential oils. 

Fire and Ice Shimmer Gloss swatch on white backgroundFire and Ice shimmer (pink & silver) featured on Samantha eyes looks best on a cool or midrange colour pallet. The Silver is more dominant than the pink in this combination, so it is more noticeable than the rose gold. 
Contains Frankincense and Mandarin essential oils. 

Gold shimmer swatch on white backgroundGold Shimmer  one of the more pronounced shimmers. Looks best on warm colour pallet, Asian and south Asian skin tones. Can also be worn by cool colour pallets that like gold around their eyes. 
Contains Copaiba and Frankincense essential oils. 
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