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Meditation & Self Care

You must start to take care of your self. 
This is the time of self connection and reflection. Letting go of the past and clearing the way to a beautiful future. 

Meditation is an amazing tool to help you to quieten the mind. You know that voice that is like a nagging 3 year old that follows you around and just keeps talking non stop!!!! Except this voice is rarely nice and encouraging, generally its a bully and is rather mean. 

Meditation is important because when the mind is quiet there is room for magic. Room for God, room for peace, tranquility and most importantly love! Love for you, love for those around you and love for your life!

Where to begin?
I like to meditate in a darkened room thats quiet, and make sure you tell your family or those around you that your are NOT to be disturbed. You have to train them along with yourself! 

Candle Meditation
A very simple action is to light a tea light (or any candle). Set a timer for 5 mins and then stare at the flames. Focus on the flame. Anytime your mind wonders call it back and focus again. You might be constantly calling your focus back, but after a while it will become easier to stay focused for the whole time. 

Begin with committing to 5 mins per day. Then after a while increase that to 10 mins.

If you would rather something that is guided then here are some great links. 

Sadhguru - Isha Kirya

My other favourite which is magical for helping to rest your mindset and energy for the day is: 
Wim Hoff  Breathing
This is a breathing exercise that is AMAZING, it takes some practice but I love it!!
Love you,