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Magic Salve 7g
Magic Salve 7g

Magic Salve 7g

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This salve really is "Magic on your skin!"
Originally formulated as an antibacterial salve (which its amazing at by the way!), we then discovered that it was super food for the skin. Nourishing wounds, cracked, dry, itchy skin, also great as a lip balm. Just apply as needed to the area. If it is a deep cut or wound apply a glob and then cover with a bandaid and repeat several times a day.

Available in 7g, 14g or 28g aluminium tins.

Ingredients: candelilla wax, shea butter, organic baobab oil, organic cocoa butter, kokum butter, organic calendula infused castor oil, organic St Johns Wort infused sunflower oil, kukui nut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic frankincense infused olive oil, clove essential oil, blue cypress essential oil, tea tree essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lemon essential oil, copaiba essential oil and vitamin E.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Magic Salve - Clove, blue Cypress etc.

I have Diabetes & any scratch ext. can get badly infected very quickly, I have tried Antibiotic cream, paw paw ointment you name it and nothing heals my wounds untill my daughter purchased a 28g tin of the Magic Salve with Clove, Blue Cypress, Tea Tree ext. from a Beauty Expo she was at for me to try, she explained to the sale girl what my problem was & this is the one she recommended, Best thing ever, about 1hr after applying it all the redness from the infection was nearly gone, the next day the wound was dry, by day 3 the wound was dry, peeling & itchy because it was healing, it had also got smaller, after 1wk the wound has gone and just shows a little bit of discoloration on the skin were the wound used to be. I also get dry itchy skin on my fingertips ext from my Diabetes and all I have to do is rub a little of the Magic Salve on my fingertips before bed and no more itchy fingers.
Before using this my wounds could take months to repair & I would be so embaraced so finding something that works so quickly and smells so good, why wouldn't I want to share my experience with others, it also works on eczema & allergy rashes, mosquito bites & sandfly bites, having the one thing at last that works for everything is fantastic, every house should have some.

Sandra Hernandez
A Miracle balm

Excellent product as all from Catherine B. Good smell, ingredients and outcomes. Very happy with the results, highly recommended.

Leigh-Anne Nicholls
Truly Magic

This salve is perfect for minor cuts and scratches. It heals them nicely without any marks or scars. It also smells divine.

Karen Mathieson
Terrific product

Absolute pleasure dealing with this company.

Haylie Edrupt

Finally a solution to red pimply facial outbreaks. This salve is wonderful! I put it on the problem area over night and the next morning the redness has gone.
I also ordered more online after intially getting it from a market and it was delivered in no time. Thank you.

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