The value of natural ingredients and a shorter shelf life.

The value of natural ingredients and a shorter shelf life.

We live in a world of plastic and long expiry dates. But when you looking for something to nourish your body and skin you want something that goes off. Obviously not straight away, but you don't want it lasting for years and years either! When something goes off, this means it has life in it that something microbial wants to consume, life that is a part of the eco system that involves breaking down and nourishing something else in the eco system its a part of!
This means that when you use something that that eventually breaks down and goes off your using something that has live giving energy in it and it is imparting this into its host, in your case your body! If it doesn’t go off then it is about as nourishing as eating plastic.

Your body is made up of microbes and if you don’t feed the microbes then your system will weaken and become sick. Your bodies job is to stay alive, no matter the cost.  A consequence of that is if you're not getting the nutrition you need, your body will begin to eat itself for nourishment, breaking down muscles and fats and even organs. Prolonged exposure to long term poor nutrition can cause sever illness and even organ failure. This is basic 101 of food and something that we only think applies to poorer countries, but how much of what you eat and put on your skin is highly processed and has a crazy long shelf life?
Microbes are your friend. 

So invest in things that will go “off”. Food that rots (eventually) in your fridge is food that's alive and something that microbes want to eat. Skincare that goes off is food for your skin and your skin has a large microbiome all on its own. It's vital to keep this biome healthy as its your first line of defence and a major detox organ.

Have you ever really looked at what's in your skin care or makeup? Cosmetic companies don't even have to list their ingredients, they have free reign to put in it what they like and advertising has done a fantastic job of brain washing us to care about the final look rather than the road we are walking to get there.  
Start asking questions from your cosmetic companies, start investigating what does on your skin and what goes into the food you put in your body.

Microbes are not to be feared, they are your friend. 

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