Outside the box beauty.

Outside the box beauty.

Here at Catherine B, whenever I'm formulating and creating products the question I ask my self is: "Is this product as natural and organic as I can possibly get?" This is a major foundation of my business. I care about what you are putting on your skin. I care about the quality of the ingredients, where they're sourced, how they're sourced, is it sustainably grown/produced/harvested. Am I supporting a small business or am I supporting a large corporation? 
So many thing to consider from the ingredients perspective alone!! 

I like to think outside the box where I can. This means that I don't focus on trending buzz words. I focus on what I want you, as the consumer to feel, when you apply my products. I make sure that I maintain as raw a form as possible, that I don't use preservatives unless necessary, like with my mascara which is a water based product, and then I use an organic eco cert preservative. I limit the amount of plastics in my packaging and I use natural products over synthetic every time.   

My some of my lipsticks contain carmine powder. Carmine powder is made from the cochineal beetle, it goes through a bit of processing to make it safe for cosmetics use, and makes a deep rich red colour that lasts. There have been some new products on the market that use beet juice and reddish juice, but it is difficult to work with, very expensive, is very unpleasant to taste and doesn't wear very well, sadly I've found it not a viable ingredient
Carmine is actually used quite a lot in the food industry and can be found in strawberry milk and even the beloved Australian Tim Tams! 
If you are vegetarian don't worry, not all my lipsticks contain carmine powder.
 Here is a list of all my vegetarian lipsticks.

This means I avoid using synthetic colours. When it comes to lipsticks one of the big things to keep an eye out for are FD&C and C&D Lake colours. These colours are made from coal-tar which is a by product from the petroleum industry. It makes very stable and vivid colours, which is why it's used, but it's far from natural and has possible cancer side effects. This is why it's important to read the labels on all of your cosmetics, don't get sucked in by the hype and then you can continue to honour your body. 

It also means that I like to push the expectations of people with their beauty products. Just because the norm is what everyone else is doing, it doesn't mean that I will at Catherine B. This mean you will find some difference that may challenge your thinking, and I love that. One of my goals is life is to help others question why they do the things they do.
Why to you look at yourself and think about yourself the way you do?
What if you've been telling yourself lies all this time???
Questions lead to answers and answers are just so much fun!!! 




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I love your eyeshadow and have been using it for a year. I still have a lot left. Wonder, does it have a use by date? Is it safe to use long term? Will it get bacterial or fungus like mascara often does after a long time?


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