Tenacity - Empowering blush

Tenacity - Empowering blush

Persistence and determination that’s what Tenacity is all about.
Do you need more of this in your life?
Are you scared of admitting what you really want, for fear of hurting or inconveniencing others?

Admitting what you want doesn’t mean it will happen the way you expect it to. (It rarely does), so the stories you tell yourself about why that can’t happen really have no power once you realize this.
So is it time for you to start dreaming and get clear on what you want? Even admitting the little things that you crave deep inside you?
It’s ok to want something more, or different than what you currently have in your life.

Journaling is a wonderful way to start to unlock what’s inside you.
Write out your dreams and fantasies. Your fears and hops the things you won’t speak to about with others.
Ask yourself questions.
"Why do I think that?"

"What do I want?"
"What am I afraid of?"
And my fav - "What’s the worst case scenario?"

Love Catherine ❤️

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