Nude lipsticks

Nude lipsticks

Neutral or nude lipsticks generally come in two forms.
They can basically be the colour of your lips in a softer lighter tone, or they can give your lips more depth and body.

Is one better than the other? No, it entirely comes down to personal preference and what looks best on your colouring.


Softer Lighter Nudes 

Lotus is a very neutral pale lipstick and is our top selling light nude. 
It has a slight shimmer through it and is basically a light lip colour but a shiny. 


Allure is a light dusky pink and is the softer sister to Captivate (they are literally made from the same base, just that Allure has more white in it).
Has a warmer undertone than Lotus. 

Darker Full Bodied Nudes

blonde woman on black background wearing ethereal lipstick deep dusky pink lipstick, ravishing foundation and ecru eyebrow pomade.

Ethereal is a deep dusky pink with cool blue undertones.
It gives your lips depth and it is slightly more pink than the natural lip colouring but it still falls into the nude range. 


Serenity is a rich brown pink nude, its does have a slight orange undertone and works best of a neutral to warm colour pallet. 
It has a light sheen and is more pink than Captivate.  


brunette ob white background wearing captivate lipstick, radiant foundation , walnut eyebrows and resilience blush
Captivate is my top selling nude. This is a deep pink/purple brown. It gives depth to the lips and it is a completely matte lipstick. It is almost the same colour as a person with naturally a lot of pigment in their lips before they apply a lip colour. 
It looks good on about 80% of colour pallets.

Mystic is the richest of the nudes and has a cooler undertone. It's a deep purple brown.
Perfect for the cool colour pallet who wants a richer neutral lip. 


If you're not sure which nude to start with I recommend Captivate. It's a great all rounder colour. 

And remember I do offer lipstick samplers as well where you can test the whole range of lipsticks in the comfort of your own home 



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