Maximising Confidence: The Art of Wearing Lipstick

Maximising Confidence: The Art of Wearing Lipstick

 I hear often "I'm too old to wear bright colours", or "I feel like I look like a clown", or "My lips are too small".

Lipsticks can be daunting, especially if you are not used to wearing them.
They take a bit of practice to apply well and get used to the feeling of wearing them. 
But if you choose a colour that complements your skin tone, it will result in you feeling confident regardless if it is a bold or a nude lipstick.

We all have stories that we repeat about how you think you look, and that's not at all how other people see you. Have you noticed that the voice in your head generally isn't very nice and is rather a judgy character? 
I'm going to let you in on a secret. That voice is not you. It's not the true loving you. It's a combination of fear, habits, trauma, programming and what ever else you have picked up in your life.
So to begin to change how you see yourself you first must realise that the voice you hear is not actually you. When you separate yourself from that voice it reduces it power. This takes practice and diligence, so don't worry if you forget and fall back into the habit.  Today is a great day to begin the practice of acknowledging that there is a voice that is not you, once you do that you can catch it and tell it to buzz off!  And some days you have to do that a lot throughout day!! 😀

Here are a few tips to help build your confidence while wearing lipsticks:

  • Once you finishing applying and stop looking in a mirror, you can't see the lipstick on your lips, so wear it confidently and then forget about it (until you need to top it up after eating 😉). 
  • Other people don't judge you anywhere near as much as you judge you, they're way to busy judging themselves, so acknowledge/recognise the judgy voice, then tell it to go away and ignore it!
  • The right colour lipstick for your skin tone brings the attention to the eyes, not the lips. This happens because wearing a colour that complements your skin tones (colour pallet) makes you look healthy, vibrant, alive and your eyes really "pop". The lipstick becomes a coloured signpost that draws the observer in and directs them to the windows of your soul.
    It doesn't matter if you wear a bold colour, or a nude. Have big lips or small lips, are young or more mature, the lipstick is just pointing the way to your eyes to help others connect with you.
  • A colour that is not in your colour pallet draws attention to the lips (and yep sometimes this is totally what you want to do to make a statement.)
  • If you experience colour bleeding around your lips from your lipstick then I highly recommend using my clear lip liner just above the edge of your lips. The wax in the liner sits in the crevasses and seals it so you no longer experience colour bleed, it's magic!  

My lipstick are highly pigmented and have some decent staying power, 3h-5h. All you need to do is apply a thick layer, do a heavy blot with a tissue and then lightly touch up the colour again, then you are ready to go.

What reduces the longevity of your lipstick? 
OIL.  (My makeup remover is oil based and it removes lipstick like magic!!!) 
Both of these point below will dramatically reduce the time the lipstick stays on your lips.

  1. Eating oily food, and
  2. Touching up your lipstick with a lip balm or a lip gloss. (I formulated my lipsticks to be soft and hydrating for the lips. If you find you need to touch them up with a balm or gloss because your lipstick is dry please let me know and I'll happily replace it with a new one.) 

Not sure which colour to choose? You can always order a Lipstick Sampler and you can test all the colours in the comfort of your own home. 

If lipsticks still feel overwhelming and you haven't worn anything on your lips other than clear gloss for a long time, perhaps you can dial it back a notch and can start with wearing a Tinted Lip Balm. These have much less pigment and only last for about a hour, and you don't have to be quite as exact when applying them.

Have fun, test some new colours, I know many of you have stuck to the same lipstick colour for years, so now is a good time to change it up, you might discover a new favourite!!!

Lipsticks are kinda like earrings, you can't have too many!! 

❤️ Catherine

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