Do you love a bold lipstick?

Do you love a bold lipstick?

Personally I am a huge fan of a bold lip regardless the season or the occasion, many of you have seen me sporting my favourite Brick Red Lipstick. 

But as the weather cools and darker clothing come out of the cupboard the bold lip comes into its own for day wear as well as night. A bold lip with a dark outfit just really makes your lips pop and created a fantastic focal point.

One challenge I hear my customers mention having when wearing bold lips is lip bleed.
To mitigate this I have developed a clear lip liner that you apply just above the line of where the colour of your lip ends, the lip liner is thick and waxy and that wax fills in the creases of your lips and this stops the colour from moving anywhere. It's like magic!!
You can then follow with a lip liner if you want a sharp edge for your lipstick. 

If you are not sure what colours will work best for you, you can order a lipstick sampler and test all the colours in the comfort of your own home. 

These are my top selling bold lipsticks: 

Ruby Wine Swatch

Ruby Wine - Rich Fuchsia it has depth but isn't an over powering bold. 
Top seller for Cool, Midrange, Mediterranean, Asian and South Asian Skin tones who like a blue undertone. 

Brick Red Swatch

Brick Red
Orange based red that looks incredible on a warm colour pallet, Asian, South Asian and the cool colour pallet who loves a good pop of warm red on their lips. 

Tango Raspberry Pink Red Lipstick Swatch

- Raspberry Pink Red - this is a colour with punch. It can be worn lightly through the day and then layered up at night for a rich bolder look. Incredible on a cool colour pallet, South Asian, Asian and midrange.  

Emanare Rich Plumb Pink Lipstick

Emanareis the slightly cooler toned tango (it has a touch of blue in the base) and is a more plummy colour that leaves an impression. This is the colour Amanda is wearing in the above photo. 
Looks best on a South Asian, Cool and midrange colour pallets. 

Rhumba - rich grape red lipstick

Rhumba -
a grape colour with a red undertone. Looks best on a cool and midrange colour pallet.

Presence deep violet lipstick

Presence - rich violet colour. Looks best on a cool to midrange colour pallet as it has a blue undertone.


Cordovan - Red Brown Lipstick

- Rich red brown, with a warm undertone. It's one of our top sellers and is a very versatile colour that covers almost every colour pallet.
Comes out as a  beautiful nude dusky pink on a very dark toned lip. 

Mallee Dawn

Mallee Dawn -
more of an orange undertone than Cordovan. Looks amazing on Asian, warm and midrange colour pallets.


Cocoa Glow - Golden Brown Lipstick

Cocoa GlowGolden brown that actually looks good on a cooler colour pallet and midrange pallet.  This is also a nude for South Asian skin tones. 




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