Are you an overthinker?

Are you an overthinker?

I am.

Sometimes I get myself caught up in so many mental knots, playing out scenarios (generally worst case ones), self flagellation talk, trying to predict the future and control outcomes (like I can actually do that when I'm in a stressed mental driven state!).
It's not pretty. It can interrupt my sleep, creates a layer of stress and anxiety and I get angry or frustrated at things very quickly. 

Does any of this happen to you?

The good news is that over the years I've started to work out ways around it, and rather than being caught in my overthinking for days on end I am getting better at recognising it and dealing with it straight away. 

But I'm not perfect, and sometimes I need an amazing friend to kick my butt and remind me to get out of my head and move my body. (It's pretty important to have people who love you enough to call you out when needed!) 
And that has inspired me to share this with you today. ❤️

Every person is different, but my top way of getting out of my head is to move my body. For me specifically it's dancing.
I either put on my favourite song and dance around the living room, I move, and shake those thoughts out of my head, get immersed in the music and just let my body go. Or I do one of my Body Groove videos which is basically the same thing but with a guide giving you some steps you can do while dancing around your living room! (I love doing Body Groove have been with them for years and I really love their philosophy and their videos!!)  

So have a think of ways that you can process your thoughts through your body, to move the energy out of your head and get it expressed in the world. I like to get my heart rate up while doing the exercise and I find that helps with moving the energy.

Here are some ideas:
Fast walking, (or walking up and down hills) 
Going to the gym,
Doing an exercise class,
Going to the park and playing on play equipment (yes I encourage acting like a 5 year old,)
Bouncing on a trampoline (can you tell I still have a pre teen kid).

Can I journal it out?
The problem with journalling is that it's is still a mind construct. I'm still filtering everything through my mind, and while it can bring clarity in some situations, in others I find it can bog me down deeper in the overthinking state.  
I find that journalling is most beneficial after I have moved the energy out of my head. 

By recognising that I'm overthinking I am beginning the process of separating myself from the force of those thoughts on my life.
Over the years I have discovered that I am not my thoughts. (Which is a blessing because so many of my thoughts about myself are pretty horrible.)

How do I know I'm not my thoughts? 

Because the simple fact that I am observing them means that I am something "other" than those thoughts. 
What is that other?
I'm not sure yet, I like to toy with the idea that it is a soul, that it is pure love. Because when I tap into that identity, the things that bothered me and got me caught up in knots are not really important. 

For me movement is the key. I have always been a physical person and have processed the world through my physical self, have thrived in physical based jobs, I learn best doing things and am a very practical person. So it makes sense that moving my body is the best way to get out of my head. 

And if you are still reading this then there is a high probability that you are too!
You have probably already worked some of this out, but I find it is nice to have a reminder, especially when that overthinking voice is riding you!

I'd love to hear how you move your body to get out of your overthinking brain! 



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